Selecting a Track Out program? We know it’s an important decision and that a great deal of thought and consideration goes into that choice. We’re honored that The Clubhouse @ Bright Horizons is on the list.

At The Clubhouse, we understand school-age children and their growing physical, intellectual, and social competencies. And our state-of-the-art facility was built with just school-age children in mind. It’s a place that’s safe and loving; an environment where the pressures of the world are not present; a spot where children can have exciting, memorable experiences.

Our small-group atmosphere and low counselor-child ratios allow us to establish personal connections and provide innovative, theme-based camp programs. And there’s more. Look to our Track Out camp calendar for field trips and activities that highlight each week of camp.


Medical Mysteries:  Join us for a week of  discovering the wonder of scientific exploration through X-ray vision, robotics, glowing germs, and virtual reality along with field trips to the Natural Science Museum and swimming.

Backyard Games: Let the games begin! We’ll learn to play classics like horseshoes and badminton, along with newer favorites like corn hole.  We’ll also grill out together and take field trips to Hill Ridge Farms and swimming.

Quick Treats & Healthy Eats: We’ll explore food science and make slime, plus play speed games and make gourmet popcorn.  A field trip to Rise Donuts and swimming are also on the “menu”!

Legos: Legos are not just for kids! Take your Lego game to the next level. Replicate famous buildings, introduce robotics with Mindstorm, Creationary, and participate in our Rube Goldberg challenge.

Game Design: Are you a “master gamer”? We’ve got you covered. Minecraft, Scratch, World Building, Animations and Escape Games. These games aren’t for the faint of heart. Come see if you can keep up with your fellow gamers.

International: Calling all Jet-setters. You’re trip around the world awaits! Thailand, India, Kenya, Chile, and South Korea are where we’ll uncover the fascinating traditions of holidays, dance, jewelry making, music and food. Don’t’ forget to bring your passport!

Sports: Let the games begin! Whether you’re a sports fanatic, expert player or simply want to try your hand at a new sport, this is your week. Baseball, Frisbee Golf, Soccer, Hockey and Basketball. You might even want to slip in the sport of “zip-lining”…sure, that’s a real sport.

Flight: T-minus, 3….2…1…BLAST OFF! Have you ever wondered about the origin of flight or aerodynamics? Let’s take this week to break some records, build some model rockets and explore with helicopters and drones. The sky’s the limit!

Entrepreneurship: Are you ready to “rule the world”? It’s Shark Tank week where you’ll get into product design, prototype development, marketing, sales and designing your own virtual store. Everything you’ll need to build your own business and become a gazillionaire!

Mythology: Ever wonder what it would be like to live in the world of Harry Potter? This week you’ll get a chance to find out. Explore the characters, costumes and what the world would look like it if were real.

Human Body: Did you know that during your lifetime, you’ll produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools? This week we’re exploring the human body. We’ll investigate all of the funny and interesting things about the human body, things you never knew!

Helping Hands: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – Gandhi. This week, we’re lending a helping hand with service activities. We’ll raise funds, do project work and take a field trip to the USO Bright Space. You’ll get the service hours needed for middle school while seeing first-hand how your service impacts your community.


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