Selecting a Track Out program? We know it’s an important decision and that a great deal of thought and consideration goes into that choice. We’re honored that The Clubhouse @ Bright Horizons is on the list.

At The Clubhouse, we understand school-age children and their growing physical, intellectual, and social competencies. And our state-of-the-art facility was built with just school-age children in mind. It’s a place that’s safe and loving; an environment where the pressures of the world are not present; a spot where children can have exciting, memorable experiences.

Our small-group atmosphere and low counselor-child ratios allow us to establish personal connections and provide innovative, theme-based camp programs. And there’s more. Look to our Track Out camp calendar for field trips and activities that highlight each week of camp.


Exploration and Discovery Network: This programming lineup is one that is sure to WOW you! Discover the outdoors and explore the wonders of nature. Up next, we navigate through the medical maze and mysteries. Don’t touch that remote, let’s challenge what we believe to be fact or fiction and put our predictions to the test.

Plant and Animal World

Habitat Murals

Bird Feeders

the grape vine

Bottle Biology

Flying Squirrels

Field Trips: Durham Life and Science Museum and Swimming


For the Record

X-Ray Vision

Totally Gross

What’s your DNA?

Glow Germ

Field Trips: Marbles Museum and Swimming

Fact or Fiction


Is it Possible

Best Predictions

Distance Challenge

That’s Explosive

Field Trips: Carolina Sassafras All Children’s Playground and Swimming

Chow Time Television: Welcome to the Clubhouse Cooking Show. Ever wonder just how those edible treats are made? We’ll take a closer look and watch the process unfold. Then we’ll check out some tasty snacks that are surprisingly healthy. Leave room for something spicy! Our creative cooking skills will be tested as we find new favorites.

From Start to Finish

Tablecloth Toss

Unique Recipes

Foil and Fabric

Scoop then Pour

Gourmet Popcorn

Field Trips: NC Farmers Market and Bowling

Quick Treats and Healthy Eats

Food Science

Speed Games

Designer Plates

Spinning Saucers

Bean and Salsa

Field Trips: Pizzeria and Bond Park

Culinary Challenge

Biscuit Making

Something’s Fishy

Sensory Overload

Candy Mosaics

Top Chef

Field Trips: Japanese Steakhouse and Pullen Park

In the Zone: This is your Clubhouse Reporter coming to you live, with athletic action! The Atlantic Coast teams have just recruited a few school-age stars… This just in, an unusual group of sporting events has been spotted….stay tuned for details! On the international circuit, there are quite a few sports to keep your eye on.

ACTIVITY: Atlantic Coast Conference

On the Cover

Trophy Collections

Catch me if you Can

Team Spirit


Field Trips: College Campus Visit and Swimming

ACTIVITY: Unusual Sports

Surprising Spuds

On a Roll

Water Polo

Fresh off the Press

Are you in Sync?

Field Trips: Bowling and Swimming

ACTIVITY: Sports International

The Very Quiet Sport

Let’s Take a Trip

Hoist Your Flag

Get a Little Closer

Concession Stands

Field Trips: Davis Drive Soccer Park and Swimming

The Game Show Channel: Come on down… as we piece together puzzling past times along with other gadgets and gizmos. Then we’ll spin the wheel to find different ways to experience fresh and exhilarating games. Test your strength and flex your muscles as you make your way through the course of endurance.


Falling to Pieces

Just Ask

If the Shoe Fits

Brain Games

Name That Tune

Field Trips: Museum of Natural Science and Swimming

Spin That Wheel

Spectacular Spin

Blowin’ in the Wind

Scooter Scramble

On the Air

Wheels Keep On Turning

Field Trips: Roller Skating and Swimming

Hidden Strength

Endurance Course

Stretch it Out

Flex Your Muscles

Catching the Rays

Popeye’s Power

Field Trips: White Deer Park and Swimming


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